Name: Sadie

Age: 12

Work: 9 years with the Innisfree Jet Center

Job Title: FBO Mascot – Greets all aircraft, pilots, and customers on arrival.

Motto: “You never know what’s going on in one’s life. So, if we can make someone smile even just for one minute…then we’ve done our job.”

Bio: Sadie was never the type of dog that liked to play fetch, swim, or even chase other animals around. As silly as it sounds, she was born to be an aviation dog. When an aircraft is taxing to Innisfree Jet Center, Sadie knows the distinct sound, and she will walk over to the ramp door ready for action. At the door, Sadie will patiently wait for her owner to strap on her work vest, ear protection, and aviation goggles to her furry body. Lastly, Sadie possess her airport issued Identification badge so she can legally enter the secured area of the aviation ramp unescorted.

When the aircraft enters the ramp, Sadie goes to work. As the aircraft is being parked by one of the highly trained flight line employee’s, they will then lay down the red carpet prior to our guest opening the aircraft door. Once the aircraft is chocked, and the red carpet is placed by the aircraft door, Sadie will slowly make her way to her designated spot on the red carpet. She will wait in anticipation for the aircraft door to open, so she can greet the arriving guest to beautiful Pensacola, Florida.  

We get a variety of medical flights that come to Innisfree either to pick patients up, or drop them off. Sadie’s presence helps ease the discomfort of patients that feel down, or may have a fear of flying. Sadie’s therapeutic personality, and contagious smile has attracted such a large fan base, that she even has locals come to visit to take pictures with her. Sadie has met quit a few celebrities, and made sure they’ll never forget her.

Sadie will be the 1st face you see when you arrive, and the last face you see on your departure. Making people smile is her goal working for the FBO, and she takes her job very seriously.

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